At Kournate Kennels, I have 15 Gordon Setters , Josse, Iona, Belle, Brody, Zeus, Zoe, Gunner, Murdock, Kenzie, Bo, Abby, Eden, Nessie, Izzy, Sully, and Laine. All my dogs are very socialized and get inhouse time. They make wonderful pets and behave themselves in the house but can then turn it on in the field. I do share my bed with a dog every night. My dogs will range according to cover. In open short alfalfa or wheat stubble, they may get out 2 to 3 hundred yards. Back in the woods they range between 35 and 75 yards. I use beepers in the woods and to locate dogs on point. They are in and out of sight, hunting the way a pointer should hunt. I believe a pointing dog has to range out in the grouse woods to be effective at finding a bird before the bird hears the hunter walking the woods. I like my dogs to point at first scent. By doing so you have less chance of bumping grouse, my number one bird to chase. I use the Perfection Kennel program to train my dogs using the birds to steady the dogs on point with the help of release traps and homing pigeons. My puppies will have the desire to hunt, meaning they will go out and search for birds, covering ground in an efficient manner. They are bred for natural point. I pick strong pointing parents to start with from strong pointing lines. I like a high tail, but intensity is more eye appealing to me. Retrieving is encouraged with all pups. Most all will have had feathers in their mouth by 8 weeks old. This helps bring out natural retrieve. I like dogs that like water. In Wisconsin you hunt very few places that are not wet or have some sort of water hazard to deal with. I LOVE to talk about my dogs and the hunting breed. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or just to chat.   Made with Xara